Taylor and Benjamin’s Love Alphabet by Becky Jerams


A collection of sweet, romantic flash fiction all about Taylor Raven and Benjamin Apple from the novel “Could You Love An Apple?”

These 26 mini stories follow all the previously unwritten adorable moments in their relationship from A to Z. Recommended for fans of heartwarming, fluffy boy x boy romance!

Becky Jerams has previously written some of my favourite romance novels of all time, Reasons to love a Nerd Like me and Could You Love An Apple?  This small book is a set of 26 mini-stories featuring characters from Could You Love an Apple? and I was so stoked when Ms. Becky emailed to ask if I was interested to review it. I devoured it the exact same day she sent it to me because, come on, her previous two stories were just irresistible. And this set of mini-stories did not disappoint.

There were some extremely cute moments, some tender moments which moves your heart, some moments that you just laugh and some that just makes you sigh contentedly. There was just so much love and happiness in this whole book that I’m surprised my heart hasn’t burst out.

If you’ve read Reasons to Love A Nerd Like me and Could you Love an Apple? before, this is the perfect companion. If you haven’t, please go read them. What are you doing with your life?!

Rating: 5/5

Recommendation: It will change the way you look at life. Need I say more?



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