Reckless Love by J. Saman


I haven’t been all that dedicated to blogging here, but this is a J. Saman book, and I cannot pass up the opportunity to review her latest release, Reckless Love.

I let her slip through my fingers…
No, that’s a lie. I was reckless and pushed her away.
I was never supposed to fall for her. She was my tutor. My best friend. My fantasy. I tried to stay away. I failed.
Then we graduated and everything changed. All I needed was a step back. A moment to breathe… And by the time I came up for air, she was in the arms of another man.
Four years later, everything is different. And when I see her again, I remember why I should have never let her go in the first place. But second chances don’t always come easy. Even when you’re determined to get them.

It started on day one…
New school. New life. And there he was, the boy I grew up with, walking up the steps of my very first class. Except now, the boy from my memories was gone, and his place was an Adonis of a man.
It didn’t take much for me to fall for him. Even though I knew we were doomed from the start. But when you find something that perfect, you don’t second guess it.
Until it ends.
Four years later, he’s back. Steamrolling through my life like he never broke my heart to begin with. Only this time, I’m older, wiser and know that second chances are the stuff of fairytales.

I’ve always loved J. Saman’s books. Her books are some of the good stuff that I look forward to read at any given point in time. So when she emailed me in February, asking me if I would review Reckless Love for her, I was thrilled. I didn’t even read the synopsis. I just dove right into it and it was the best choice ever.

This story revolves around two characters, Lyric and Jameson. This is the story of their life, their friendship and eventual relationship and the messiness of love and life. That’s it. It’s a simple story but written very expressively and with so much love flowing between the words. Love for what, is still unclear to me, but if I had to guess, I think it was the love for the story that Ms. Saman had while she was writing. This book makes me harder to pick my favourites among her books. It’s a tie. All her books win.

We get flawed characters, a peek into the music industry, emotions, daily struggles in life, and the elements of romance in this book are really beautiful to read.

If you haven’t picked up J. Saman’s book up until now (I mean, seriously, why haven’t you?) go pick this up right now! It released on June 22, and I am late to the party but I am here.

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommendation: Romance lovers should not miss this! Like, really. 



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