Watashitachi No Shiawase Na Jikan

By Ji-young Gong, Mizu Sahara (Illustrator), Sumomo Yumeka (Illustrator).

This 8-chapter, heart-wrenching manga was recommended to me by Vaishnavi. I will forever be indebted to her.

Juri, who used to be a young pianist, now a middle-aged woman, has attempted suicide thrice. She is deeply embedded in depression and  she is unable to face her demons. That’s when her aunt, a nun, asks Juri to go with her to a prison and speak to convicted prisoners. Juri resists this at first. But as Thursdays approached, she looked forward to visiting one particular prisoner, Yuu.

Yuu has a violent history. He grew up in an abusive home, lost his home and his blind brother and did things that got him to prison. He will get his death sentence any day soon and he as attempted suicide a number of times as well.

There is something that stirs inside of both Juri and Yuu. They maybe from different backgrounds, but they bond as they meet every week and their desire to live increases.

I was strictly asked to read all the 8 chapters in one go. And i obliged. I urge you all to do the same.

This manga is packed with emotion. every chapter reveals a new feeling, a new face of Yuu and Juri. After each chapter, we crave for more. And when it ends, before you know it, you can hear the collective sound of your broken-heart pieces screaming silently for more. They scream in despair, in love, in need and in sadness. Despair that we weren’t able to see more of Yuu and Juri as their connection was so deep and profound, you can’t help wanting more. Love because it is not exactly romance, but something much greater and more beautiful that reaches out into our souls.

“Small is beautiful” = Achieved.

I don’t have any screenshots, because, well, I don’t want to spoil any of you.

Please read.


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