Hibi Chouchou by Suu Morishita

Hibi Chouchou was on my TBR for a long time. I was looking to read next after Horimiya and decided on an impulse to read this. And, boy, it was the best impulsive decision I’ve ever made in my life.

Hibi Couchou is the story of a boy and girl. Yes, a love story. But this boy and girl are not your regular boy and girl, unlike the ones confessing to one another and dating openly. No, this couple is one of a kind.

Shibazeki Suiren is a shy, quiet high school girl, and also very pretty. Extremely gorgeous, she’s the cutest girl that anyone could ever find. All the boys like her on the first sight, and many confess to her. But all she does is blush, nod or shake her head. She’s bad at using words, and speaks when she this is absolutely required. And one boy catches her attention.

That boy is Kawasumi Taichi. He’s just like her, quiet, shy, and cute. He also wears glasses, which adds so much character to him. He also practices Karate, and is the school champion. Everyone sees him as very ordinary but not Suiren. It is love at first sight for her. She feels a connection with him from the time he helped her pick her stuff up when he bumps into her. They don’t make eye contact but still.

The whole manga is slow. Every move, every word spoken by Suiren and Kawasumi is analysed by each other carefully and they fight quietly. Every time they moved close to each other, or made physical contact, my heart beat faster and wanted them to get closer. I wanted to squish their faces together and make them kiss. Oh well, that’s just me.

Surprisingly, the one making moves was Suiren. Kawasumi was always apprehensive on holding her hand, or making the first move, thinking she wouldn’t like, but always allowed her to do whatever she wanted, as long as she was comfortable. We find out that she is weird, and Kawasumi’s dedication to Karate was so inspiring that once, Suiren even wished him good luck in front of the whole audience in the stadium. He smiled his beautiful smile and I melted.

I loved this manga. It focused on little things, like hand movements, head nods and shakes, smiles and frowns and basically all types of body language than the spoken words. It felt fantastically refreshing. The art was so adorable and every character was brilliant. Suiren’s best friend, Aya, was amazing. Ryosuke, Kawasumi’s best friend, was someone we all have and want in life.

All I want in life is a Kawasumi and I shall be content.

I have about 70 screenshots from the whole manga. I can’t obviously put them all up, but here are some (AGAIN, SPOILER ALERT):

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