Horimiya by Daisuke Hagiwara

Horimiya, or Hori-san to Miyamura-kun is an ongoing manga. I have read it till the latest chapter, 71, and this is what I thought of it.

Horimiya is a story of a girl called Hori and a boy called Miyamura. This, again, is not your typical love story (I know, I excel at picking up the weird ones). This manga is somewhat weird, but ultimately, adorable. Horimiya starts out by saying that no one is never as they seem, and thus the story begins with Hori and Miyamura’s example.

Hori is a nice girl in school, well liked and studies well. She doesn’t involve with her friends much outside of school and that’s because she takes care of her little brother as both her parents work hard. One day, she gets late to pick her brother up, and a boy of her age had already brought him over to her house. Who is that boy?

Miyamura is a creepy boy in Hori’s class. He has long hair and seems very moody to everyone. He doesn’t talk to people much and is quiet. But he observes Hori a lot. Underneath that moody-boy character is a rocker with piercings and tattoos all over his arm and side. And when he ends up at her doorstep when he is helping a little boy find his way back home? He was so surprised.

Hori’s family takes in Miyamura very well. Too well, in fact. Souta, Hori’s little brother, is attached to him, and her father, which is hilarious. They become a couple a long time later, and honestly, they’re one of those twisted, cute-a-f couples.

I’d love to see where this story is going to go!

There were plenty of panels and pages that I loved, but here are a few of them. Don’t see them if you don’t want to get spoiled!


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