Lovely Complex by Aya Nakahara

I remember reading about this manga on a FB page, where Koizumi and Otani were sitting and looking at each other and someone in the comments had said, “No one realizes from the picture that the girl is taller than the guy!” and then scrolling through the comments, I learned that the manga was called “Lovely * Complex” and the story intrigued me.

This is a love story between a tall girl, Koizumi Risa and a short boy, Otani Atsushi. Who could even think about a scenario like this? Everyone thinks that in a relationship between a boy and a girl, the boy has to be a little taller than the girl. Here, the stereotype is broken! Short boys can play basketball and be stars! Your height doesn’t matter to fall in love! And it has to be a real motivation for a lot of people.

I really enjoyed this manga. Not only did Koizumi and Otani be an odd couple in terms of height, they were the noisiest, they fought all the time, and often broke apart for simple misunderstandings. They insulted each other all the time and these arguments were the ultimate entertainment for us. We laughed, we cried, we face-palmed, we cheered. This was an emotional rollercoaster, and Otani and Koizumi were all smiles in the end of it. And so was I.

Along with Koizumi and Otani, there was another couple, friends of Otani and Koizumi, Nobu and Nakao. Their relationship was so cute. Nakao gifted Nobu a pair of earrings, but she wasn’t able to wear them because she had not pierced her ears. But she was moving away and she decided to piece her ears just so she could wear those earrings. I died.

My second Shoujo manga, and I am so much on a roll!


These are some of my favourite panels! I have way too many, but here is just a glimpse of some.


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