Tell Me Where It Hurts by JR Rogue

I have been a huge fan of JR Rogue and her poetry on Instagram. She is an inspirational woman; for me, to open up and write what I’m passionate about: life. check her poetry out on her Instagram and  check out her website and show her some love! She is really active on social media, so be sure to follow her.

I received this book a long time ago and had read it a long time ago, as well. But, time did not permit me to write a review for this heart-wrenchingly beautiful set of poems.

But first off, I will start with the dedication:

For the caged birds,

If I can sing,

so can you.

Bam. Straight in the feels.

Her description of people is so filled with love.  Here’s an example for the poem Circus 2005.

You changed your tie 27 times

t h i s   w e e k   to match her eyes.

This whole book is about pain, and heartbreak and love and unloving and everything in between that causes humans to feel pain. It is rollercoaster of emotions, from feeling romantic to feeling hatred all in one stanza. This woman can write.

They say they want

to teach me about fire—about me.

My favourite poems, which were some of the best of the best, in this book are He Wants to Be a Poem, Self-Harm, Baptism, The Butterfly Effect,  You can Get better if You Try, Girl Crush(ed), Another Morning Manic, and Lucky 13.

My favourite line:

She tells me everyday she is in love

with the world.

I ask myself

what the rest of us

are doing wrong.

I love how open she is to all issues. I love that she has learnt to be true to herself and be an open book through her poetry. I love the fact that she can make me feel. Most of all, I want to thank her for inspiring me to write poetry, however bad I may write.

“I can’t live with so much hate. I can’t.”

Can be bought on these platforms:

Amazon –

Barnes & Noble (paperback & hardcover)  –

Signed Copies/Online shop –

Rating: 5/5

Recommendation: Everyone in the world should read this once in your lifetimes. 


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