Ao Haru Ride by Io Sakisaka.


This is the first manga in years that I’ve read with so much interest. I have regained my love for manga and will read more soon.

It all started when a friend I met while volunteering for Japan Habba had drawn this beauty:


After asking who he is and all that, I learned his name is Kou Tanaka and from the shoujo manga/anime, Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride).  I was also told that it was totally worth it.

You can find my Goodreads updates for each volume here.

So, two days before my Environmental Science Pollution paper exam, I sat and downloaded the manga and the anime. And I started reading the manga almost immediately.


So, I bribed myself into reading a chapter every time I finish off a crucial topic. Glad to say that it worked!

Coming to the manga itself, I can’t quite put my finger as to what it is that I loved about it. It was one roller coaster of emotions. One time, I squeal in delight and the next moment I want to strangle Kou for being such an idiot.

The manga revolves around Yoshioka Futaba, starting in middle school. She’s a cute girl, and all the other girls despise her because most boys like her. But she likes one boy only: Kou Tanaka. But little Yoshioka know, Kou also liked her. And due to unforeseen reasons, he moves away.

Enter Yoshioka in High School. She has decided that she’s not going to be the delicate, cute girl that she was in middle school. She’s going to change and make all the girls like her. And she does. She has friends but she’s not really comfortable because, well, she’s not herself. She eats too much, laughs too loud and basically a boy’s nightmare. And every girl’s dream not to be her. And then, Kou Tanaka comes back. Only he’s not Kou Tanaka, but Kou Mabuchi.

And then there’s a new gang in town. One which I’m envious of. It consists of Yoshioka, Kou, Yuuri, Shuuko and Kominato.

There are love triangles. Both of them involve Yoshioka and Kou. The first one is with Yuuri and the second one, Yoshioka is dating this amazingly cute and super, super sweet guy called Kikuchi Touma, and he is in love with Yoshioka. But then, she makes up her mind.

The two background love stories are the cutest ever. I screamed in delight, gaining the attention of a few people on the bus I was on.

The art is really beautiful and the characters are spot on. I thought I loved Kou until I met Kikuchi. That sweet boy with an ear piercing (!!) , who can sing and play bass is all that you can really ask for.

Also, look what my current lock screen is!


*happy sigh*

Below are some of my favourite manga scenes. Don’t see them if you don’t want to get spoiled!

Cute scenes of Yoshioka and Kou!


Cute scenes of Yoshioka and Kikuchi ❤


One of the side love stories ❤

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