Revenge by Anna Santos

Once a vampire, now a deadly hunter and sorceress, Violet seeks out her revenge with a plan to seduce and kill her former Vampire Master. At one time he sought her death to replace her with another, but Violet won’t go easily and she will have her revenge!


Bought by an alluring vampire as a child, Violet became his eternal companion when she turned nineteen. For centuries, she loved Ewan more than her own life. She did everything in her power to stay with him forever. She thought their love was indestructible, until he proved her wrong.

Captured and tortured by a secret society of vampire slayers, Violet finds out that Ewan and their adopted teenage daughter had planned her death, so they could be together. But despite their intentions, Violet wasn’t killed by the hunters. She was recruited and given a chance to be what Ewan had prevented her to be when he took her away from her family: the deadliest hunter alive and a powerful sorceress.

Reluctant to opening her heart to another love, Violet only lives for the opportunity to get revenge of the vampire who made her suffer like no one before. With a new identity and a crazy plan, Violet plans to teach her former master that he can’t keep breaking women’s hearts and get away with it. That bad boy was going down!

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I had previously read Soul-Mate by Anna and I had loved it! So when she approached me to review her new book for her, I was thrilled. The synopsis sounded very exciting and my first paranormal romance book was by Anna, which was Soul-Mate, book one of the Immortal Love series and made me fall in love with the genre. And Revenge, the first book of the Chronicles of the Eylones, did not disappoint me.

The story was plotted perfectly. There was so much struggle for true love and honesty among all the lies, deceit, disloyalty, jealousy and hatred. And, of course, the sexual attraction is undeniable. I loved the fact that Violet hated Ewan, after all the things he’d done to her, and even though she would succumb to his charm sometimes, she would regain her composure and stand strong. Galvin was okay, and not much likable, though.

The only thing that was off in this book was the lack of uniformity in pacing. It started out fast, then slowed very much, and then picked up speed again. If this was more uniform, it would’ve been better written.

And the steamy sex scenes were amazing. Anastasia was definitely a mad woman. Francesca and Sebestien were so cute!


Rating: 4/5

Recommendation: If you love paranormal fantasy, you’ll love this one!

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  1. Thank you for taking your time to read and review my story! 🙂


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