An End To The Thrill by Varun Kumar

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

An End to The Thrill is a collection of short science fiction stories by an upcoming talent, Varun Kumar.

When Mr. Kumar approached me to review his book for him, I was a little hesitant. I love Sci-Fi movies but I’ve always stayed away from books. I have never favoured Science Fiction but I agreed because I wanted to know what was so daunting about Sci-fi. And now I do.

This book has 9 short stories which I will evaluate separately.

  1. If Time Could Tell– Time travelling has always been a nauseous subject for me. It’s either that or I’ve never found convincing enough theories about it. This short story resulted the same. I had a hard time understanding the story and the concept of time travelling.
  2. Detrevni- This was a really cool story with an amazing plot twist! 
  3. The Virus Affair- This was my favourite of all. This wasn’t just science fiction, but also had a little touch of war strategies and power. This story made computer hardware fun! After reading it, I spent time thinking if that was what was happening inside my computer. Very entertaining.
  4. The Miracle- This was also an amazing story. Well written, well paced with the ultimate plot twist.
  5. Severance or Adherence– I have mixed feelings about this one. At one hand, I liked the story but then it was too full of dialogues and it kind of dragged. The ending wasn’t clear enough for me.
  6. Sweet Requite- This started out as a cute little romantic story but didn’t ended well enough for me. Instead of being science fiction, it became the story of a man who lost his girl and became rich just so she could suffer.
  7. Repulsion, Reverie and Reality– This would’ve been an epic story if it hadn’t ended so flatly. I loved how the characters were so close to real life. And the imagination was fantastic. So were the names.
  8. Troubled Waters- It started out nicely but I sort of didn’t get it.
  9. I seek Death- Man. I loved this one. Full of emotions with the best plot twist ever.


Overall, this is a fun and exciting anthology by a brilliant new talent.

Rating: 3.5/5


Recommendation: To all Science fiction lovers!

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