Not buying books

I have said ‘No’ to buying books twice since I became a total booknerd. And I totally regret it.

I have never gone on a book buying ban. I totally understand it but I’ve never had the need to go on a ban. I have, however, rejected buying books. It had happened twice.

Once, my parents had gone to Marathahalli for a marathon and they had a stall of their products there. Next to their stall, they had a used books stall. They had called me and asked if I wanted any book and they mentioned that they had the Hunger Games, and a few others. I had read most of them, and wasn’t keen on having a physical copy, and I though that they might be expensive so I told them that I didn’t need any.

However, when my dad came home later that evening, he had a hardcover of a marketing book and he paid only like, Rs.100! That was when I realized that maybe I should’ve asked for one.

The other time was yesterday, when I was in Sapna Book House and didn’t buy a book. To be honest, there wasn’t really much choice or variety on the books that I wanted. So I don’t feel too bad about it.

Have you ever said ‘NO’ to buying a book?


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