Framed and Burning- Lisa Brunette Book Tour

Framed and Burning is the second book of the Dreamslippers series. This book tour is hosted by Legit Lit books.

A couple of PIs with the ability to “slip” into another person’s dreams find themselves defending one of their own. Someone sets fire to Mick Travers’ studio, killing his assistant, and Mick won’t give an alibi. Eccentric Granny Grace and her level-headed granddaughter Cat hope to prove his innocence and hunt down the real killer. Will they discover that a jealous rival was out to destroy Mick’s art—and reputation? Or is something even darker behind the arson and murder?

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I’m not one who reads crime fiction and mystery with much enthusiasm or love. I haven’t even read the first book in the series. What caught my attention was the mention of art and it did not fail me. I love how each artist was so unique and Brunette described them brilliantly. I learnt so much about art, it’s true side and the struggles that an artist undergoes.

This book had me hooked right from the beginning! I loved the characters! She has painted them with such diverse behaviours. I especially loved the relationship between Mick and Cat. They were my most favourite characters.

The story was amazing. It had the perfect amount of twists and turns (unexpected ones) and it takes you to a whole new level of understanding of the world.

My only complaint was that the chapters weren’t ended properly. Sometimes, it made no sense to end it where it did.

Even though this is the second book of a series and I haven’t read book 1, Cat in the Flock (which I will, soon!), you wouldn’t be lost at all.

This is one of my earliest mystery books and if each of them were as good as this, I’ll read them as often as I would read romance!

Rating: 4/5

Recommendation: To all mystery lovers!

About the Author:  

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 Lisa Brunette is the author of Cat in the Flock, Book One in the Dreamslipper mystery series, an indeBRAG honoree that has been praised by Kirkus Reviews, Midwest Book Review, Readers Lane, and inD’tale.

She’s a career writer/editor whose work has appeared in major daily newspapers and magazines, including the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Boston Globe, Seattle Woman, and Poets & Writers. She’s interviewed a Pulitzer-prize-winning author, a sex expert, homeless women, and the designer of the Batmobile, among others. She also has story design credits in hundreds of bestselling mystery-themed PC games.

Brunette holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from University of Miami, where she was a Michener Fellow. Her short stories and poetry have appeared in Bellingham Review, The Comstock Review, Icarus International, and elsewhere.

She’s also received many honors for her writing, including a major grant from the Tacoma Arts Commission, the William Stafford Award, and the Associated Writing Programs Intro Journals Project Award.

She blogs at, where you can read her prose and poetry for FREE.

She sends out a newsletter about six times a year. Email her at catintheflock[at]gmail[dot]com to sign up.

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  1. Just wanted to follow-up with some news about this book’s launch. The reviews have been glowing!

    Thanks for participating in the tour.

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    1. pari617 says:

      So glad to hear about it!


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