Trusting A Sheik by Rosie Pike

With Michelin starred restaurants, expensive cars and exclusive bars, London’s private hotels are the playground of the global elite. Competition is fierce, and when a suite goes for tens of thousands of dollars a night, you have to set yourself apart. That’s where the Kingsland Group comes in. For their billionaire clients, time is money – and contacts are key. Kingsland concierges have a finger in every pie, and a foot in every door. If their client needs something, they get it done. Chloe’s first guest at the glitzy Gloucester Hotel is the irresistible Prince Tariq, who’s in town to negotiate a billion dollar arms deal. It’s his big chance to show his father – the powerful defense minister – that he’s more than just a pretty face. Burning the midnight oil with the playboy prince, Chloe succumbs to his charm, and before long before they’re tumbling into bed. But in the murky world of arms trading it doesn’t take much to cross the wrong guy, and with the deal falling apart, Chloe and Tariq find themselves in a race against the clock. With time running out, the only question is – will they make it out alive?

I received a free copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I enjoyed it! It was a book with suspense, angst, sex, trust, betrayal and collision of different worlds.

There are plenty of things that I love about this book. Firstly, it was Prince Tariq. Obviously, his charm and his rebelliousness (for a better world) is eye-catching. Chloe is such a strong woman! The best thing about this book is how each of these characters develop and mature through the book. It was a proud moment.

What was a downer for me was the relationship between Tariq and Chloe. There seems to be no development in their relationship. It doesn’t seem like they’re in love. It seems like they’re in love with the pleasure they give each other. If that was achieved, it would be one amazing book!

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommendation: If you love romance and suspense, this is definitely the book for you!


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