What comes Of Eating Donuts with A Boy Who Plays Guitar

Gem City #1, By Nicole Campbell.

I received an eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Courtney Ross has lived her whole life doing everything by the book. She’s a top student, the captain of the cheer squad at her Scottsdale high school, and a nervous wreck most of the time. For summer vacation before senior year, she finally has her chance just to relax. She will be spending it with her best friend, Vanessa, in her tiny hometown of Gem City, Ohio. Courtney’s hoping for a chance to breathe, and maybe even for some of Vanessa’s carefree nature to rub off on her. What she doesn’t expect is Ethan Fisher. Courtney knows she’s in trouble the minute she sees him holding a guitar at her “Welcome Back” party. Her instincts prove to be correct as she gets to know him, and she finds her head spinning. What will this mean for the girl who always plays by the rules?

In her first full-length novel, Nicole Campbell delivers a perfect beach read for the older Young Adult crowd. Readers will re-live their first relationships (the good, the bad, and the overwhelming), or imagine the spark of what the future might hold in this story full of the type of intensity only found in young love.

This boy is trouble. Courtney knows that. And yet she she can’t help falling for him. Don’t we all love stories like that?

This book was very light, neat and full of love and feels and emotions. We go through Courtney’s first love. She’s not your typical cheerleader- blond and flirty. I really liked that about this book- there were no stereotypical characters.

I loved the characters. I loved Ethan and Vanessa. Courtney was this girl-next-door type and she was delightful.

What I loved about this book was the talk of the music. I loved how they instantly bonded over something as trivial and diverse as music. I was drawn towards it instantly. I have yet to listen to those songs.

But the plot was not as great or grand as the title. It got a little typical as soon as their summer romance was over and I felt the urge to drag them both out of their places and keep them in Gem City.

I loved the cliff-hanger. Will put up a review as soon as I read the sequel!

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommendation: If you love sweet, fleeting summer romance, this book is definitely for you!


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